Style Icon: Bob Dylan

Okay, so awkward that like half of my first posts are about Bobby D, but whatever I’m an obsessive fan. I know most people think of Dylan as the guy with the crazy jew fro back in the sixties, or the old man who looks like his face is melting today,but in my mind he’s a veritable style icon. I mean look at him, mixing prints like a pro. Polka dots and stripes together are not for the style challenged.

I love this photo. Plus it highlights that Bob knew how to work accessories into an ensemble. Houndstooth scarf+ killer sunglasses=a major look

Rolling Thunder era Bob is my favorite musically and sartorially. I loved the hats and the scarves (accessories!) and how well Bob layered all his clothing. Henley, vest, coats, hats, jewelry, his outfits weren’t at all simple, but they worked. I like that the addition of an amazing hat took the outfit from street style to stage (oh and some white face, obvi). I especially love the vest he’s wearing in this picture. I think vests are underutilized, and Bob demonstrates how they can be a structuring element for an otherwise loose outfit.


I had to include an example of modern Bob. The gentleman-cowboy, it totally fits his late period association with “the old, weird America”. Not a huge fan of the mustache, but this photo just emphasizes the absolute fact that Bobby can freakin’ rock a hat. Plus I’ve always liked the idea of a collared shirt underneath a collared shirt. Bobby loves layers.


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