a bird with clipped wings can sing but can no longer fly

This is the initial post documenting my efforts to  listen to all of the music I sought out, but never actually listened to. I’m not sure why I decided to focus on music reviews for this blog, because I’m not great at writing critical responses to music. Sorry, I had to preface this first post in my odyssey of listening to new old music with that. The first album is…

Langhorne Slim, Be Set Free 2009

Background: This is a relatively new find, I think I downloaded this in early October, so it’s only about a month old (I mean it was actually released in 2009), not terribly unreasonable to have not listened to it yet. I heard of Langhorne Slim through the Avett Brothers (of course), there’s a youtube video of Seth Avett (my future husband) covering LS’s “Lord” which is pretty amazing and I highly recommend watching it.

Impression: My initial impression, was solid, not earth shattering. But the more and more I listen to this album the more I love it. There’s just something really interesting about LS’s voice. It’s very pretty, but has a rough quality that lends itself to the stripped down lyrics he sings. Musically, it’s acoustic/folk-y, which is my favorite. Plus, there’s banjo! He uses background singers to really nice effect, especially on Cinderella, which has a lovely call and response to it that reminds me of 50s/early 60s rock and roll.

Favorite Songs: Say Yes, Cinderella, I Love You, But Goodbye, Be Set Free

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