for once i’d much rather be me

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, Diamond Mine, 2011

Background: I don’t know if this album goes against the spirit of one of the recurring themes of this blog of listening to all the music that was once new that I never listened to. This isn’t old new music, because I downloaded it on Saturday, after going through recent episodes of All Songs Considered (love Bob Boilen and all of the Tiny Desk Concerts), they mentioned this album as one of the best albums of 2011 thus far.

Impression: I might overuse the word amazing, but this album is amazing. I know I said I was a lyrics first person in my post about Langhorne Slim, but I can’t really understand King Creosote’s Scottish accent that well, and it doesn’t even matter! The musical quality of his accent adds to the stark quality of the music. But the simplicity and sparseness of the music and lyrics doesn’t mean that this album lacks depth, the songs create another world. They’re haunting in the best sense of the word. Atmospheric. “John Taylor’s Month Away” sounds like a modern sea shanty.

Favorite Songs: It’s only 7 songs long, listen to them all. Watch the link to see how King Creosote and Jon Hopkins wrote “John Taylor’s Month Away”.

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