I was just in Arizona (my first time out west outside of a couple visits to California and one time in Denver) and the harsh beauty of the desert really took me by surprise. I’m so used to seeing the green, tall trees of the midwest, and the changing colors of this time of year, but the dusty reds and pinks of the mountains around Phoenix, and the rarity of the green cacti was so unlike what I’m used to. That landscape brought to mind what it must have been like for the first settlers out there, how everything felt like it was on a much larger scale.

The colors and history of the west reminded me of how much I love the native american patterns that Pendleton uses. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pieces.

Classic wool blanket.

I wish this came in women’s sizes. I love the American-ness (if that’s a word) of the denim jacket combined with the Chief Joseph print.

The silver dollar buttons are my favorite part of this jacket. I just wish it was a little more fitted, then it would be perfect for fall.

Perfect. This is the duster length coat of this print. You would have to feel like a trailblazer in this coat. It’s a go anywhere and do anything kind of piece.

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