New Year’s Dresses

I’m hoping to be in NYC over New Year’s, so I’ve been looking online for some options. Obviously Forever21 is the limit of my budget.

I like this dress in theory, but I’m not sure of where the top layer would hit on me. Potentially at my widest point aka not cute.

Semi-cute. But like the majority of items on F21, there’s just something a little off. In this case, the sequins. I wish it was all-over instead of the weird squiggly pattern that reminds me of germs under the microscope. Science! (and it’s $32 which is a little more than I’m willing to spend at Forevs for cheaply made clothing)

My favorite part of this dress is that it’s $11.50. Sorry child workers! Plus, I think I could accessorize it to make it more over-the-top new years-y.

This dress combines my two favorite things in the world: leopard print and velvet.

Of course, this would be my coat for the night.

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