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I Can’t Sleep

It’s almost 1AM and my alarms is set for 6:15. I tried to sleep for an hour, but ended up just giving up. I’ve got too much on my mind grapes, I guess.

So here’s my “I’m tired and I want to go to sleep, but can’t” playlist.

The Avett Brothers “Go to Sleep”


The Beatles “I’m So Tired”

One of my favorites from the second side of the White Album

Durutti Column “Sleep Will Come”

Bright Eyes “Lua”

This is such a 3AM song to me.

Bob Dylan  “When the Deal Goes Down”

I just like the line “in the still of the night”

Bob Dylan “Not Dark Yet”

Last Dylan song, I swear.

Tom Waits “Warm Beer and Cold Women”

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Random Bob Dylan Video

I’m not a particularly huge Joan Baez fan, but I love how she sings Percy’s Song in Dont Look Back. Plus I love that Bob’s a huge asshole in this clip and keeps typing while she’s singing.

*Bonus video of Bob showing Donovan what’s up. It’s all over now, Baby Blue

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Song of the Day

Pusha T, Blow

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End of the Week Playlist

My friend Emily gave me the idea of making a playlist at the end of the week of the songs I’ve been listening to. Since I no longer do song of the day posts, it seemed like a good idea (and way easier) to do one post at the end of the week. I’ve been putting my itunes on shuffle a lot recently, so my songs of the week are a little rando.

Song #1 Destroy Everything You Touch by Ladytron

I was reminded of this song when I watched the first part of The September Issue this song underscores a montage of runway shows that AW goes to see.

Song #2 Made in America by Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Frank Ocean

My current favorite off Watch the Throne

Song #3 One Day More (Original Cast) from the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert


Song #4 I’ll Keep it with Mine by Bob Dylan

Obligatory Dylan song. I have to belt out this song when I hear it. “But if I can save you any time/come on give to me, I’ll keep it with mine”

Song #5 Ashokan Farewell

Obviously, because I’m a weirdo.

Song #6 New York, New York by Frank Sinatra

Not because the Giants won the superbowl or anything, but because it’s what my roommate and I like to sing when we’re living life theatrically.

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The Best Album of All Time

Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks, 1975

“Everyone one of them words rang true/and glowed like burning coal/pouring off of every page/ like it was written in my soul from me to you” (Tangled Up in Blue)

I can answer the “what’s your favorite album” question (if anyone really asks that question of normal people that aren’t famous musicians) without any hesitation. It’s a forgone conclusion that it would have to be Bob Dylan record, and Blood on the Tracks, to me, stands out amongst Dylan’s many other great albums. I know it’s Bob’s “break up album”, but that doesn’t really concern me. To me, it’s Bob’s most vulnerable recording. I don’t care if they’re all autobiographical songs, or all based on stories by Chekov (like Bob would later claim), but there is something so relatable and heart breaking to most of the songs on this album.  I think it’s Dylan wrestling with his own mortality, the fact that time passes and things change, whether we like them or not. Sure, ten years previously, Dylan wrote “the times they are a-changin’”, but that was a broad sense of time, of a new generation (of which he was a part) gaining the ascendency. But in songs like “You’re A Big Girl Now” Dylan sings, “time is a jet plane/it moves too fast/oh but what a shame that all we shared can’t last/I can change I swear”. It is a mournful recognition of the passage of time.

It’s hard for me to pick out stand out tracks on this album, because the order in which they are played contributes so much to the atmosphere of the album. Has there ever been a better opening four songs than Tangled up in Blue, Simple Twist of Fate, You’re A Big Girl Now, and Idiot Wind? But for me, the two songs I could listen to forever are Simple Twist of Fate (my all-time favorite song) and Shelter From the Storm. Maybe I connect more with their resigned, introspective flavor vs. the vindictive and angry (but still amazing) Idiot Wind or the film-like Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts.

Dylan singing a slightly different than the album version of Simple Twist of Fate

Shelter from the Storm from the Hard Rain Concert



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for once i’d much rather be me

King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, Diamond Mine, 2011

Background: I don’t know if this album goes against the spirit of one of the recurring themes of this blog of listening to all the music that was once new that I never listened to. This isn’t old new music, because I downloaded it on Saturday, after going through recent episodes of All Songs Considered (love Bob Boilen and all of the Tiny Desk Concerts), they mentioned this album as one of the best albums of 2011 thus far.

Impression: I might overuse the word amazing, but this album is amazing. I know I said I was a lyrics first person in my post about Langhorne Slim, but I can’t really understand King Creosote’s Scottish accent that well, and it doesn’t even matter! The musical quality of his accent adds to the stark quality of the music. But the simplicity and sparseness of the music and lyrics doesn’t mean that this album lacks depth, the songs create another world. They’re haunting in the best sense of the word. Atmospheric. “John Taylor’s Month Away” sounds like a modern sea shanty.

Favorite Songs: It’s only 7 songs long, listen to them all. Watch the link to see how King Creosote and Jon Hopkins wrote “John Taylor’s Month Away”.

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a bird with clipped wings can sing but can no longer fly

This is the initial post documenting my efforts to  listen to all of the music I sought out, but never actually listened to. I’m not sure why I decided to focus on music reviews for this blog, because I’m not great at writing critical responses to music. Sorry, I had to preface this first post in my odyssey of listening to new old music with that. The first album is…

Langhorne Slim, Be Set Free 2009

Background: This is a relatively new find, I think I downloaded this in early October, so it’s only about a month old (I mean it was actually released in 2009), not terribly unreasonable to have not listened to it yet. I heard of Langhorne Slim through the Avett Brothers (of course), there’s a youtube video of Seth Avett (my future husband) covering LS’s “Lord” which is pretty amazing and I highly recommend watching it.

Impression: My initial impression, was solid, not earth shattering. But the more and more I listen to this album the more I love it. There’s just something really interesting about LS’s voice. It’s very pretty, but has a rough quality that lends itself to the stripped down lyrics he sings. Musically, it’s acoustic/folk-y, which is my favorite. Plus, there’s banjo! He uses background singers to really nice effect, especially on Cinderella, which has a lovely call and response to it that reminds me of 50s/early 60s rock and roll.

Favorite Songs: Say Yes, Cinderella, I Love You, But Goodbye, Be Set Free

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