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Dream Shoe

I have a job. I hate my job. I want to quit my job. But it pays me money. Here are the shoes I would like to spend all that money on. 

ImageSalvatore Ferragamo vara pump in patent. 


Animal Prints

Animal print is my favorite color. I consider it a neutral, and like great neutrals, an animal print can be added to most outfits. But my love of animal prints has moved on from leopard and cheetah prints to prints featuring the silhouettes and images of the animals themselves. Here are some literal animal prints that I want for late summer/fall. 



elephant print leggings, Urban Outfitters legging $39

If you pay that much for leggings, does it automatically qualify them as pants?


elephant print scarf, Gap, $29.95

I love elephants. 



Zebra scarf, ModCloth, $23.99

I got this scarf for Christmas, but I love it times a million. 



Penguin dress, Lulu’s, $31



Ram bangle, J.Crew, $95


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Winter Break Deals

One of my favorite parts of coming home for winter break (besides seeing my family/friends and eating my mom’s cooking) is shopping as much as I want. I don’t have a car at school, and don’t have a lot of time, so I don’t shop a lot.  Don’t get the wrong idea. Me shopping is 90% of the time just looking at what a store has–I’m a cheapskate, I don’t like to buy things. As I texted my friend earlier today: I don’t buy anything for myself over $25 (unless it’s an amazing, investment piece bargain).

My brother and I had a disagreement at Christmas dinner over where one gets the best deals. I firmly believe that in-store, in person shopping yields the best results. You just don’t get those random, 80% off finds online. Viva la mall! This post is an illustration of the superior deals at the physical store.

Yesterday my mom and I were doing a little shopping, and happened to stop at a DSW. I had texted the same friend the day before that I wanted a “dope pair of heels” (Parks and Recreations reference), so that was what  I was on the lookout for when I headed straight for the clearance section.

I found these at 80% off. They’re BCBG Paris, which I think is the shoe equivalent of BCBG Generation? Regardless it’s one of the cheaper BCBG lines. I’m obsessed with wedges, I think they’re so much tougher than a stiletto, so these will be worn often in the spring/summer to class and for going out. They were originally $69.94 at DSW (compare at $89.00) and I got them for $14.90, including tax.

Today my mom and I had lunch and went to this outdoor shopping center that’s a little further away from our house that we both like a lot (to0 bad it was raining/snowing). Obviously we hit up the DSW there as well. I’m not even that much of a shoe fanatic (I have way more pairs than I need, as the majority of the shoes I own I don’t wear anymore), but like I said, I love wedges, and I love a good deal.

These are more of a casual sandal/wedge. They’ll be perfect with a pair of loose fitting, lightweight khakis that I wear to class. The wedge is only like an inch and a half. These are SE Boutique, which is some lower price point line from Sam Edelman that I hadn’t heard of until today. They were also originally $69. 94 and I again got them for $14.90.

These shoes are a replacement pair for a very similar pair of wedges I got for like $5 from Target back in my Sophomore year of high school. I’ve worn them constantly for the last couple of years during the spring and fall, and the faux suede wedge of the shoe has gotten pretty grimy. I would get the kork ease that both shoes are ripping off, but I don’t want to drop $150. I don’t like these quite as much, but they are a better shoe, so hopefully they’ll last longer. Plus, they fit right into the 70s aesthetic that I’m a huge fan of. And they were only like $15.50 My mom bought them for me so I’m not sure of the price. Thanks, Mom!

Three new pairs of wedges, for under $45.

Song of the Day

I wanted to mix it up a little bit, all my recent posts have been about folk, singer-songwriter-y music, and I just got out of my American history class, so I thought this song was fitting.

Titus Andronicus’ “A More Perfect Union” from their 2010 album The Monitor.

And a video of a shortened version of the song that I just realized existed.

Roebling bridge


I miss this...

If this is a blog, I’m two years too late

So a blog. Awkward, that was so 2009. Whatever, it’s ironic. So I had trouble coming up with a concept for this blog. Should I review beer? Should I repost random things from other blogs? Should I wear only clothes from wal-mart for ten years? Probably. But I chose to do this. A blog about music, fashion, things I like, obviously. The motivating factor for writing this though was to have somewhere to mark my progress in my new mission: listening to all the music I have in my itunes library.

More details to follow.

P.S. ‘Round here it’s always ’round midnight.

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